New Moon Goddess art courtesy of The Sacred Feminine -
Art by Montserrat


Paean to Hekate by Dreamweaver

Serpent-girded Mistress, Queen,
Lady of the Torches, 
She who guides The Seeker
Into the Unknown Depths of the Soul,
Hekate! Hear our call to You!

Welcome Sisters!

The Mystai of the Moon is a Lunar Mysteries based Tradition which celebrates our ancient connection to the Moon, explores the Rites of the Goddess Hekate, and espouses a vision to create a world based on egalitarian sharing, gift-economy, and self-responsibility. This is our vision for ourselves and our hope for the world! We hope that you will join us on this mystical, revolutionary journey. Blessed Be! The Mystai offer teaching for all women through the Lyceum Magissai, an online school that offers classes for those wishing to become Priestesses of a Lunar Mysteries Path as well as general classes for those who wish to learn more about the magickal arts and developing a personal connection with the Divine. We also offer workshops both at various organized events and in the Chicago area. Our priestesses can also be contacted for teaching workshops at other sites both in the midwest and throughout the US. We have an annual gathering in August, Hekate Rising, which is open to all women and girls who have passed the age of 12 or have achieved menarche. The Mystai of the Moon are a welcoming group for all women, both cis-gendered and transgendered and we are active in promoting the joining of cis and trans women into communities of Sisters. We offer such services as Maidening and Croning rites as well as other life passages, including Rites for transwomen wanting to honor and celebrate their unique experience.

As part of our sharing the Mystai of the Moon Tradition with women in many places, we have created the Hekataion, which is our Forum where the Sisters can share their thoughts, inspirations, hopes, and dreams. We also have areas within the Hekataion so that our local groups can share what they are doing in their own areas with the rest of the Sisterhood! We also created the Lyceum, which is our online school for teaching the Mysteries. This was done so that Sisters who want to journey on the Initiatory Path and do not have a local circle near by can study under the guidance of the Mentor Sisters. Sisters who are part of the local groups also use the Lyceum so they can post their work or their questions in between meetings. We understand that in this modern, hectic world, it helps to have a way to communicate with one another even when our schedules don't allow face-to-face time.



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