Noctilucent Hekate by Tinn

The Mystai of the Moon

The Mystai of the Moon were founded in 2008 as a Lunar Mysteries tradition for all women, cis and trans gendered. We are a collection of mostly solitary practitioners who maintain a bond of Sisterhood as Daughters of the Goddess, who meet in our online Temple or connect in solitary practice through monthly shared workings. We also meet every year to celebrate the Rites of the Zerynthian Mysteries of Hekate, which have been re-created and reimagined for the 21st Century.

The word Mystai comes from the Greeks and their traditions. Mystai were initiates or priestesses of the various mystery traditions, which included the Rites of Eleusis. A Mystes (the singular of mystai) is one who goes within and finds the deity and meets Her in the spirit realms and communes in the deepest Mysteries of that deity. We see that path as a needed one as the world is rebirthed in this time of awakening consciousness. The Mysteries and the way they were done in ancient times are lost to us, but we women can create new Mysteries and new rites. The Goddesses are still with us and still speak to those with ears to hear. We don't need to legitimize our worship by doing something the way it was done in the distant past. Goddess-tradition is ALIVE! It lives, it breathes, and it grows! We grow by following the Goddesses wherever they wish to take us in creating a world of love where women are free and the Mysteries once again are celebrated!



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