Noctilucent Hekate by Tinnekke Bebout

The Charge of Hekate, by Tinnekke Bebout

Hear Me, My Children, this is My call unto you.
I am Nyktipolos, Wanderer in the Depths of Night. I know the secrets of the Dark Moon and the secrets you hold in the silence of your soul.
I am Soteira, the World Soul. Pursuit of My Mysteries will lead you to places that will change your whole being.
I am Kleidouchos, Keeper of the Keys of the Universe. Unto me does Zeus Himself render honors.
I am Propylaia, Guardian of the Gates of Wisdom. I challenge all to look within themselves and see the truth that is there.
I am Brimo, Lady of the Tempests. I bring the storms that cleanse the world and the storms that shake your foundations.
I am Kourotrophos, Nurse of the Young. I am the Divine Midwife who guided and cared for Persephone in her time of need. Let none despair who call upon My name for succor!
I am Aidonaia, Mighty Queen of the Underworld. Death is my servant and my helpmeet; let none who seek My Ways fear death.
I am all these things and more. My ways are Mysteries which can be found in a moment of inspiration but will take a lifetime to understand.
I am stern yet kind, terrible yet loving, fearful yet tender. I suffer not fools and I accept no excuses. I demand responsibility and truth. I will show you the strength you hide from yourself, and I will bring it out for the World to see.
Seek me in the darkest night, in the face of the moon, in the pounding of the waves, in the shining ocean deeps, the roots of the Earth, and the warm soil. I am in all these places and more. I am Queen in All Realms and Lady of the Sacred Doorways. Invoke me in quiet places where three roads meet or where realms touch. Caves and seashores and mountaintops are my home.
Look in the mirror and seek me there. Look in your heart of hearts and call upon Me and lo, I am there.



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