Noctilucent Hekate by Tinn

The Mysteries of Hekate

The Rites of the Mysteries of Hekate are a labor of love that the Mentor Sisters of the Mystai are currently working on recreating for the 21st Century. We realize with great humility that there is no way for the ancient rites to be reproduced because we simply do not have an account of them that details all parts of the Mysteries, nor should we since that knowledge belonged to the Mystai of the Rites of that time and was transmitted only to those people. Through research into what was commonly known of the outer rites available to all persons of the time and through meditation and communion with Hekate we hope to create Mysteries in Her honor for the Mystai to celebrate together in 2010 at the first Gathering of the Mystai. We will have more here as it comes to fruition.

The Theogony of Hesoid - A Sacred Text of the Mysteries of Hekate

The Charge of the Dark Goddess Hekate

Hekate: Guide of Souls - An article by Diana Paxton

Hekate by Priestess Aura

A Dark Moon Ritual for Hekate

A Prayer to Hekate

Hekate Soteira by Syren

A Tribute to Hekate





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