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Hekate by Priestess Aura

I am Hekate, the Greek Goddess of magic, witchcraft, the night, moon, ghosts and necromancy. I am thought to be the guardian of the household, protector of everything newly born, and the Goddess of Witchcraft. I am one of many faces of the Goddess. I am known as a "Triple Goddess" because of my ability to walk between the seen and the unseen worlds and occupy space between them. My name Hekate means "She who works Her will" and I am the origin of scholarly debate.

Some say I am the last of the furies or last surviving Titan save for Zeus. Some say my parents are a Titan and Star Goddess, while others say I was born of Zeus and Asteria, while yet others say still that I was born of a God and a mortal woman. Some scholars believe I did not originate in Greece at all - that I evolved from the Egyptian midwife goddess Heqit, (alternatively spelt "Heket" or "Hekat") Goddess of childbirth. In pre-dynastic Egypt, the "wise women" or elder women of the tribes were referred to as "Hekat."

*I will tell you my own account, my truth so that you will know me. I am the Great and powerful Hekate of Greece and I am the Queen of magics, the night, the moon and witchcraft. I AM SHE whose torch illuminates the shadows. Listen to me and learn about your Goddess.

Long ago when the world was green and people loved the earth and openly practiced the sacred arts, my ways were adopted by the Olympians and they became my people. My adopted children loved and revered me, for I am the Triple Goddess of the Moon; Zeus gave me dominion over Heaven, Earth & Sea, and together we shared the right to grant or withhold gifts from humanity. I was worshiped as the Great Goddess of abundance and eloquence, and I am still extremely generous to those who recognize and honor me and adopt my ways.

Later on, the myths of men, they lie. As Goddess of the crossroads, they called my ways the "deeds of dark and evil magic". How it is all men, no matter how big or small fear the greatness of a woman, that they turn my beauty, my wonderful gifts of life and magic into a vile and evil thing? They said that the crossroads are ominous and dangerous places because in many traditions, this is the place where suicides and criminals were buried. Although this may or may not be true, it had nothing to do with me, but I believe the two aspects were all the same associated with My reverence, with my Honor. The crossroads where one honors ME, Hekate is sacred because it symbolizes my ability to bridge the three worlds of Elysian, Asphodel and Tartarus all at once, NOT suicide, evil and black magick.

Another lesser-known truth about me is that I was originally honored as "The MAIDEN" not the Crone; it was Demeter who was the "Old Crone" and her daughter, Persephone the wife/woman. My tale from the beginning reveals this truth as it was only later that I was eventually represented as a Great Crone. Verily, I say unto you that I AM SHE who was called the Maiden, who is now called the Great Crone, and Lady of the Crossroads.

Do not fear the crossroads or think them of a place of evil. When you honor me, Hekate, do so preferably at night and carry my torchlight as a symbol of reverence and respect to honor and worship and ask a boon of me. The crossroads in MY HONOR makes it a SACRED place, not evil regardless of what "other traditions" believe. In my adopted children's ancient Greek religion, the soul was judged at a place where three roads meet, the crossroads therefore symbolize judgment, and should be seen as a sacred place.

Because I was so loved by my adopted Olympian children of Greece, the Romans adopted me as well as one of their Goddesses. My roles shifted again and I became became an aspect of the moon Goddess, Diana Triformus: Diana (the Full moon, associated with Earth), Proserpina (the lunar phases, associated with Heaven), and Hekate (the New moon , associated with the Underworld.)

As the power of the Solar Gods rose, I became more and more demonized, as did many of my sister and brother Gods and Goddesses, until the Middle ages when I was just reduced to the parody of an evil, ugly crone.

I have become that Old crone, although not evil nor ugly and I have embraced all the wisdom that has come with my time. Fear me not, for I have much to teach you. Look at me and know me as the Triple Goddess of Night, of all the sacred mysteries and of magic. I can see into the land of the dead, of sacred dreams and prophecies; it is I, Hekate who am the Goddess who calls forth my own destiny, whose power is far reaching. I know what others do not. I AM SHE, HEKATE, Dark Mother and Goddess of all the mysteries of life, death and rebirth. I am the protector of Women, the mistress of childbirth and protector of babies. I AM SHE who is the walker between the worlds, who can see that which is unseen by most. Call on me to help the dying make their transition into the next life a painless passage and to stay with them to prepare them for their next incarnation.

I am the Goddess Hekate. My gifts to you are many, if you will open your heart and mind to receive. I AM just and tolerant of those who are less fortunate and different however I am NO "bleeding heart" for I will dispense justice "blindly" and equally. Let my story remind you of the importance of change so that you can release the past, especially those issues that hinder your spiritual and personal growth. Let MY STORY teach you to accept change and transitions and recognize that change IS uncomfortable but it IS necessary for survival. Let MY STORY teach you to let go of what is familar and safe and secure and to travel to the scary places of the soul.

I am the Goddess HEKATE and I can show you things unseen, and so deeply hidden in the shadows; let my torchlight help you see the choices before you. When you KNOW me, I will come to you in your dreams and in your meditations with my torch burning bright to guide you. You will KNOW it is I HEKATE, Goddess of all mysteries. I will teach you to see things differently and find greater understanding of the yourself, others and of the world and all its magic.

I am the Goddess HEKATE, and I am always close as my magic and power is far reaching - when you are in need of help to release the old, I am SHE who will guide on the path of NEW BEGINNINGS.

***This was part of our "Goddess Share" in our circle of women. Goddess Share is when we chose a Goddess and create, draw, paint etc... anything in honoring of that Goddess and share it among sisters. This was mine.

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