Noctilucent Hekate by Tinn


                      Author unknown


This ritual is a very appropriate one for Samhain because this Sabbat is one where the veil between the worlds of the living and the dead is at its thinnest, it is a time when one can speak with departed souls.

This is a part of the greater mystery that is Hekate's kingdom. This ritual can be done on any Dark or Full Moon night. I would not suggest that this Witch of all Witches be taken lightly, and be careful what magick you conduct in relation to Her – ask her only for what you need and nothing more.

You'll need: 

        A black candle 
        Sandlewood or myrrh incense 
        A bit of, or a mixture of, any of the following to be burned in your censer: lavender, garlic, mint, sage, cloves or cinnamon. 


Cast your circle as usual. Light your candle and incense. Start hitting the ground or floor with your palms. Speak quietly at first, then get louder. Let that primal feeling envelop you.

"Hekate, Hekate,
Hear what I say!
Goddess of the Crossroads,
I wish to enter Your abode!
You are the Guide of souls that depart.
I call upon You Lady, hear what's in my heart!" 


Add your mixture and light it in your censer. Be LOUD now... bring that Goddess up from the Underworld.

"I wish to talk with You, my Queen,
To learn sweet wisdom, mysteries unseen.
I ask to enter Your world and stay for a while,
To speak and to exchange a smile.
Keeper of the Keys, lend me Your insight,
Lead me into the shadows,
Into Your darkened night."


Sit quietly now. Darkness that has shape and indefinable form swirls around you. It begins to slowly dissipate and you find yourself sitting in a Circle in a clearing, surrounded by a forest on all sides. It is dusk. The air is brisk, but not cold. A fire is burning in the center of the circle and you can smell the wood burning and the heady scent of pine resin. A large cauldron hangs over the fire and simmers fluidly. The scent of sage fills your head. The air becomes still and you hear nothing except the creatures of the night beginning to stir.

The energy level shifts up a notch and you feel as though you're being watched, and by more than one set of eyes. A sudden wind gusts across your face. You hear a slight rustling in the forest, tree branches begin to move although now there is no wind. The forest appears to open and from it walk three large black dogs, their coats so glossy, the fur almost seems to undulate with a life of its own. They trot into the circle on soundless feet, their eyes boring into you. Their appearance is unsettling, but you don't feel afraid. The dogs sit, each looks in a different direction, patiently watchful.

A swirling, twisting wind howls out from within the woodland and dances into the circle, and people start walking out of the forest. Friends and family who have crossed over from your life (and perhaps from a previous one) come into the circle. Sit quietly and see if anyone comes up to talk to you. If so, you may be given an opportunity to make amends or say what was left unsaid at the time of their passing. If nobody comes to speak to you, that's fine. Their presence is to say that you are never truly alone.

An owl hoots three times and out of the corner of your eye, you watch as some densely positioned trees part of their own accord and a woman steps out with an owl on Her forearm. As She walks toward you, you're struck by Her eyes – warm brown pools that are filled with wisdom.

In Her right hand is a yew staff with a crystal glittering at the top and there are ornate keys on leather strips that hang down from it. You can feel the power emanating from this woman, and you realize that this is Hekate.

She raises Her arm and the owl flies from Her to you. You instinctively lift your arm and the owl lights on it. Listen to the owl for any wisdom it might share. Whether it speaks to you or not, after a bit, the owl flies off into the twilight.

In a few moments, Hekate walks toward the circle and as She does, you see Her body and face shimmer and shift, alternately changing from maid to mother to old woman. These are the varied aspects of Hekate, as She is Three and One. Once She reaches you, Her face and body stop transforming and She appears as you see Her. You look into Her eyes and see a blazing torch and you know that you hold it within you to light your way out of the Darkness.

If She permits it, speak with Her. Be careful with this Witch – she is most powerful and will brook no nonsense. She takes you by the hand and leads you to the cauldron, motioning for you to peer into it to see what you need to see or need to know. After you're done, She brings you back to where you were sitting and you see that everyone is gone, including the hounds.You look out to the forest's edge and there they sit, awaiting their Mistress. And all around the dogs are all manner of forest creatures: deer, rabbits, raccoons, possum, bear, skunk, squirrels, chipmunks and the like. Several wolves pace restlessly in front.

Hekate smiles and silently assures you that all will be well. You realize, at just that moment, that She has always been with you. She turns to leave, lifts Her arm and the owl reappears on silent wings to land on it. The alpha wolf begins to howl and her mate joins in with her, with the rest of the pack completing the chorus, taking up the cry. Hekate aproaches them and with a gentle hand motion, silences their song and bends to ruffle the top of the alpha wolf's head. Then she walks into the forest, the dogs enclosing Her in a triangle formation, the other animals following soundlessly.

Once She is gone, you sit in silence and mull over this magickal night. The dogs begin howling from within the woodlands and this endss your meditative state.

Do whatever spell work or divination you had planned and close your circle as usual.


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