Noctilucent Hekate by Tinn

Our Liturgy

As our Sisterhood has grown and become creative and inspired by the Goddesses, a growing body of songs and prayers are being used by us in our rituals both together and in individual practice. This has developed into a Goddess Liturgy which we love and share in Joy. It is not Dogmatic nor is its use mandatory by any of the Sisterhood. Some of the pieces we have written, some are pieces we have used for years as indiviuals that have come from the greater body of Pagan and Goddess chants and songs. They are here so that Sisters old and new may refer to them and learn them for use in daily personal practice as well as for use in our group rites. New submissions are always welcome. This collection will never be set in stone. So mote it be!

Our Songbook

Prayers and Invocations

Why do Women Need the Goddess by Andie

The Dance of the Mystai by Tinnekke Bebout (kindle edition)

The Dance of the Mystai by Tinnekke Bebout (paperback)



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