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Mystai of the Moon Membership Form

Thank you for your interest in the Mystai of the Moon. We are a group of women dedicated to sharing Sisterhood with those who embrace their birthright as Daughters of the Goddess and want to explore the
Mysteries of the Goddess Hekate.

Our beliefs are encapsulated in our Manifesta. We ask that you read over the Manifesta, and agree to all it states. After you have done so, please read and answer all the questions and CHOOSE YOUR MEMBERSHIP DUES LEVEL. Why do we have dues? Several reasons: firstly, each month the Sisters get a mailing with that month's working so that anyone who can't make it to the online ritual can do a solitary Rite at home or wherever they are, and postage costs money, so does paper and ink. Many times these workings will include small items to be used during the ritual, so your membership is covering the cost of special supplies. It also pays for access to the Hekataion, which is our forum maintained on our website. We all get to use it and maintaining a domain costs money as well. It also pays for part of the Priestess Training expenses for anyone who wants to study in the Lyceum. That way no one has to be turned away from a vocation as a Priestess due to limited personal resources. So it is an all-in-one package. No one gets nickled-and-dimed with random expenses here and there. So please, when you sign up, select your dues level and pay via PayPal and we will get you set up.

Manifesta of the Mystai of the Moon

1) We were once held by patriarchy, but it no longer has us.
2) We recognize that negative emotions such as hatred and fear only feed on themselves and cause destruction of our souls.
3) We believe that happiness is something we can nurture in our daily lives.
4) We believe that Joy is a natural state of being.
5) We can create the world in a new vision by daring to dream and think our vision and then living our vision into reality by treating it as already present in the world.
6) We believe that even in the most ordinary moments, life can be great.
7) We believe that love can change the course of the world.
8) We believe that the fundamental purpose in life is to allow ourselves to experience emotional and spiritual growth.
9) Learning from and sharing with our Sisters enables us to grow strong together.
10) We know that hate, anger, and violence are the tools of patriarchy and its weakness. These tools can be met by and countered with our own inner power and strength.
11) We are competent women and have much to offer the world.
12) We are responsible for our own actions. We are not responsible for the actions of others, but we can be responsive to their needs.
13) We are the Daughters of the Goddesses in all Their myriad and wonderful manifestations. As such, we claim our own birthright of Goddess power and womanspirit and sisterhood to dream our new dream and make it real!

Can you agree to follow the tenets of the Manifesta 
with your whole heart, without reservation?

Are you a woman?
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