ing and leadership so that they are fully ready to train womyn independently of the Mother Coven as leaders in their own right. 

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The Lyceum Magissai: The School of the Mystai

The Mystai of the Moon offers teaching of our spiritual Path through the Lyceum and one-on-one teaching in person with a Mentor Sister, Mystes, or Arktos. The Lyceum is our online school, which gives women who choose this method a 24-hour-a-day, 7-day-a-week option for learning at their own pace and from their homes.

We decided to offer this option because the Mystai are a far-flung group and this gives every Sister, not just those who live near a Mentor Sister or Mystes, the same chance to learn and grow. The Path is composed of three stages, and all Sisters are welcome to go as far as they feel called along the Path. There is no charge for the teaching but only members of the Mystai are welcome to study the Path.

Stage One: Novice - Arktos

Philos  is the term we use for all women who are members of the Mystai Sisterhood who have not elected to train as Priestesses. No Sisters is required to train on any Path and can remain a Philos (Greek meaning "friend")for as long as she wishes. We do offer classes through the Lyceum that any Sister can take that are not part of the Priestess Path. If a Sister decides that she wishes to train as a Priestess, she can contact a Mystes or Mentor Sister and indicate her wish to begin the training. At that time she will be enrolled through the Lyceum or she can be trained through a local group.

Novice is the term for any Sister who has begun training but has not yet completed any of the Path. This stage takes a Sister from being a Novice through many lessons with the goal of making her into an Arktos Priestess. Arktos(Greek meaning "little bear" - from an epithet of the goddess Artemis) is the title used for all Priestesses of the Mystai who have completed the first stage of the Path. In the process of becoming Arktoi (plural form of Arktos), they have created a personal practice and have become comfortable as Priestesses in their own right. This stage takes twelve to fifteen months on average to complete.

The Arktoi often help as Priestesses in the Mysteries and Full Moon Celebrations. Any Sister can stop at this phase and be an Arktos as long as she wishes. Only the Sister herself can know when she is called to continue.

Stage Two: Arktos-Mystes

All Arktoi can ask for training to the next phase when they feel the call and are at a point in their lives to make that commitment to themselves, their Sisters, and the Goddess. At this point they can request that a Mentor Sister train them for however long it takes for them to progress to the next stage, which will lead them into the deeper mysteries through study of Goddess Lore and Feminist principles into a more involved role. This training takes one to two years on average but it is not done until the Mentor Sister feels the Arktos is truly ready for initiation.

Stage Three: Mystes - Mentor Sister

Mystes is the title used for all Sisters who have gone through the first two rounds of initiatory studies. They can lead the Full Moon celebrations and serve as Priestesses of the Rites. They can also help with teaching the Novices in the Initiatory Path as part of their own work towards Mentor Sister, or they can teach other classes at the Lyceum on subjects on which they have knowledge and expertise which can deepen the magickal and practical wisdom of the Sisters. Again, any Sister can stop at this phase and be a Mystes as long as she wishes. Only the Sister herself can know when she is called to continue.

Mystai (plural for Mystes) can ask for training to the next phase when they feel the call and are at a point in their lives to make that commitment to themselves, their Sisters, and the Goddess. At this point they request for the Mentor Sisters to speak with them about their desire to enter the third stage of the initiatory path and how they feel they can serve the Sisterhood through their commitment. If the Mentor Sisters agree that the Mystes is ready, then the Mentor Sisters will take on the training of the Mystes for the final phase of the path working. Training to be a Mentor Sister is a commitment of at least two years. It is a deep transformational process and also goes into the deep magicks of the central Rites of the Mysteries. It is done when all the Mentor Sisters and the Mystes agree that she is ready. When this time is complete, then the Mystes is initiated as a Mentor Sister.

Mentor Sister is the title used for all Sisters who have complete all three rounds of the initiatory pathworking. Mentor Sisters have many different jobs within the Sisterhood including planning and leading Full Moon celebrations, celebrating the central Rites of the Mysteries, helping to craft the Mysteries through communion with various Goddesses, and training Sisters who wish to study for initiation. They can hive off new Covens of the Mystai either online or in their local area and train up Sisters to continue the lineage.

Each Mentor Sister gives a lot of herself to the Mystai tradition through continuing refining of the pathworking, the one-on-one communications she makes time for with each Sister she is training, her time working with various Goddesses to build the Rites, and her own personal practice. The Mentor Sisters take time to speak in-depth with any Sister who wishes to become a Mentor Sister, to make sure she is truly ready for that commitment. Being a Mentor Sister is a labor of love for those who go to this phase of the Path. We welcome all Sisters who wish to join us in our work.

 The Order of Nymphs

We have a special place for those girls who have attained menstruation and whose mothers or other responsible female family members are part of the Mystai already: The Order of Nymphs.

Nymphs may, with the consent of their responsible family member, take part in Full Moon rituals and in the common rites of the Mysteries and may study the Mystai path with the permission of the responsible adult member of the Mystai who brought them into the Sisterhood. Nymphs are welcome to come to our Hekate Rising gatherings and participate. In our Sacred Calendar, the first night of the Lunar cycle after the New Moon, when the Bow of Artemis is first in the sky, is the Night of the Nymphs, where the Nymphs may gather together as a group and celebrate in our Online Temple. They are encouraged to create rites and rituals for themselves on these nights and to network and form friendships with their Sister Nymphs. They also have their own area within the Hekateion where they can share their ideas, insights, and inspiration.

Any Nymph who requests one, may have a ceremony of first blood or maidening done for her as an initiatory Rite of young womanhood if she has not had one already. Any Nymph may study up to the Arktos phase of the Mystai Path prior to age 18. After age 18, nymph Arktoi may study as far on the Path as they choose.



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