Noctilucent Hekate by Tinn

Prayers to the Goddesses

Here is where we will collect the various prayers written by our Priestesses for various Goddesses as they are inspired to do so. These can be adapted and used as required for personal practice and are part of our growing liturgy as an evolving and developing Path of Goddess wisdom. We hope that they will enrich your lives as they enrich ours. Blessed Be.

Prayer to Qwan Yin

O Mother of compassion, lady of the inscrutable smile 
Whose heart weeps for her children 
Lithe form of the weeping willow 
Whose feet feed from the waters of emotion 
And whose pliant body weathers the worst storms 
Please turn your thoughts to your devoted daughter 
And soften the heart of my recalcitrant child 
that peace and love fill her heart and soul 
And the bonds of family unity be strengthtened 
So we may be unified in Spirit 
As we are indeed unified in You.
So mote it be!

                                  by Ghislaine


Prayer to Sedena

Sedna, Goddess of the deep blue sea 
May you be merciful with your daughters 
And provide us your life-giving sustenance 
Goddess of tempests and gales 
May you always inspire us 
To storm against the rule of patriarchy 
And to gently cradle those who seek you 
In the kayak of your learning and love. 
So mote it be! 

                      by Ghislaine

Prayer to Artemis

Mother of the Amazon Nations 
I am your daughter I am your warrior
Grant me strength of will to succeed 
Be with me in all things great and small 
She of the silver bow, These things I ask of thee 
Artemis join with me 

                      by Trish Morgaine

Prayer to Hekate

Ancient One, 
You who were created from darkness,
born from the womb of nothingness 
Hekate, Mostly Lovely One,
to You I pray.
Guardian of Crossroads
You who sees what came before, what is, and what lies ahead 
Propolos, guide me on my path. 
Keeper of the Keys
Protectress of the ancient wisdom
I pray to thee, as your daughter 
Most Magnificent Goddess 
Phosporous One, bare your torch for me.
Through you, I face my fears 
Guiding me into ever greater depths, 
until you stand with me at the final mystery.
Hekate Soteira 
Goddess, Savior 
It is in honor of you that I pray.

                    by Syren



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